The Camping Mod Changelog

Minecraft 1.12.2


Fixed items randomly dissapearing from camping inventory.
Fixed possible to run into blocks without a hitbox (e.g. hemp, lights created by lanterns).
Fixed crash when coloring a campfire.
Fixed in core version 1.3.3: forced disconnected on sponge based servers when opening an inventory.


Fixed server side crashing on startup.


Fixed game crashed upon breaking a tent with optifine installed.
Fixed the tent does not drop when the main block block is destroyed.
Fixed crafting marshmallows duplicates the ingredients.
Updated Russian localization.


Not compatable with a world using any other version of the mod below 2.4 (sorry!).
The core mod is required sepperatly again, it did not work out bundeled (sorry!).
Tile entities are much more efficient and wont affect your FPS
Using a map in the camping invenory is much more efficient and wont affect your FPS
Tents and sleeping bags can no longer be placed down if they would break immediatly
No longer crashes with Biomes O Plenty installed.
Hemp can actually grow to 2 blocks high without breaking now.
Items in backpacks no longer disappear if one is without using it once in the Camping Inventory.
Many more overall bugfixes and stability improvements.


Fixed using any Backpack in the Camping Inventory causes a crash.
Fixed roasting a Marshmallow when only having one causes a crash.
Fixed all mod GUIs not having a drak background and not showing item however information.
Fixed possible crash when clicking Camping Inventory opening key.
Fixed setting spawn options to negative in the config causing a crash.
Fixed the Roasting in Style advancement did not take sitting on a Logseat into account.


Ported to Minecraft 1.12.2
Added and changed some achievements (or now advancements).
Bundeled the core mod for now, will be sepperate again if I ever release a second mod.
The Bear Trap recipe now requires a stone pressure plate.
Improved shift-clicking behaviour for all inventories.
Removed the option to open the Camping Invetory using an button; only key press or override option remain.
Changed the default key to open the Camping Inventory to G.
Added all Tent colors the creative tab.
Fixed the Backpack / Rucksack recipe being switched.
Fixed Mad Camper achievement not caring about wether the dye burned are unique.
Fixed the keepinventory gamerule duplication bug.
Fixed the Tent lighting update crash.
Fixed Tent quick double click (if it cannot be placed) crash.
Fixed that Lit Lanterns are accepted to craft themselves.
Fixed Campfire type not updating if one kit directly replaces the other.

Minecraft 1.11.2


Ported to Minecraft 1.11.2
Stability improvements

Minecraft 1.10.2


Ported to Minecraft 1.10.2

Minecraft 1.9.4


Ported to Minecraft 1.9.4!

Minecraft 1.8.9


Fixed strange shift-clicking behaviours in every GUI.
Fixed lantern burn out speed is too fast.
Fixed no cursor in the tent GUI.
Fixed shift-clicking items in the backpack tab of the Camping Gui makes them disappear.
Fixed shift-clicking empty/useless kits in campfires causes a crash.
Fixed the game crashes when a tent is placed where it should not be.


Ported to Minecraft 1.8.9!
Fixed some bugs along the way.

Minecraft 1.8


All recipes in the mod can now be seen in the Camping Cookbook on this website!
Added a pouch, it has three slots. It works just as a backpack.
Added a rucksack, it has 27 slots. It also works just like a backpack.
Fixed, the default tent crafted was the black tent not the white tent
Fixed, tents cannot be colored in crafting tables.
Fixed, the backpack slots not dissapearning after getting a backpack out of the camping inventory.
Fixed, the tent GUI opens for every player on servers when one person opens it.
Changed backpack icon and dropped capacity to nine slos.


Added a wooden campfire (recipe is the same as the stick part of the decoration campfire).
To light a wooden campfire repeadatly click it with a stick.
The wooden campfire will eventually burn out and drop ash
The wooden campfire can be used to roast mashmallows oe burn dyes (more stick food comming soon!)
Tent pegs, can be crafted with an iron stick and the pocked knife.
Fixed harvest level/tool for campfires.
Fixed glowstone not consuming when feuling lantern blocks.
Fixed lanterns lose feul when broken by hand.
Fixed the in game config menu is not accessable.
Halved dye burning time.
Tents now use tent pegs in their recipes instead of iron sticks.
Removed decoration campfires.
Improved stability of campfire lighting.
Roasting speed now depends on feul amount in campfires.
Configuration tab now opens the in game config menu.
On startup a message will be shown on how to change camping inventory behaviour.


Fixed clicking on a tent on the server side causes a fatal error.
Fixed on server, when clicking some blocks a wrong GUI pops up, amongst wich the coocking campfires.
Fixed GUI containers on the server side sometimes loose their inventory.
Added Chinees language support.


Fixed wired lantern transformation in Tents.
Fixed Tent crash.
Fixed Tent item not consuming when Tent block is placed.
Added Achievements.
Updated to RikMuld's Core 1.2c.
Removed Deco Campfire GUI, now dyes can be burned by clicking the Campfire.


Fixed a Tent GUI rendering bug.
Fixed a Campfire rendering bug.
A model for the Lantern.
Improved Lantern placement.
Changed some item and block names.
Updated to RikMuld's Core 1.2b.


Fixed a weird rendering of the trap in 3e person view.
Fixed a rare Tent GUI render crash.
Fixed a rare trap render crash.
Fixed a possible crash upon starting a new world.
Added Dutch language support.
Changed some item and block names.


Fixed a crash when a mob-head (skull) is worn.
Fixed that mobs don't disappear when their spawn is disabled.
Added German language support.
Added some intelligence to the Campers.


Fixed that changing the keycode for opening the camping inventory does not work.
Fixed some bugs that crashed the game.
Fixed that shift-clicking does not always work.
Added Russian language support.
Improved shift-clicking in some inventories.
Improved spawn algorithm for campsites.
Enchanted stability and feel of the logseat, the sleeping bag, the hemp and the tent.
Ported to Minecraft 1.8.

Minecraft 1.7.10


Fixed a camping bag dupe bug.
Fixed a strange tent chests slots behaviour.
Fixed unstable tent generation.
Fixed that the creative inventory always opens on the chest tab.
Fixed that not all kits are accepted in campfire slot.
RikMuld's Core is no longer included in the file and needs to be downloaded separately (since I will soon have more than one mod using it).


Fixed. Charcoal doesn't work as a fuel source in a campfire.
Fixed. Placing a map in the Camping Inventory may crash the game.
Fixed. Sitting on a logseat crashes the server.
Fixed. Inventory lag.
Fixed. Some small bugs.
Camping inventory can now also be opend with a key (C by default).
Config option for camping inventory configuration (editable in-game).
Removed more unused resources.
Renamed a few blocks.
The Camping Inventory is now a tabbed GUI with a tab for the player inventory, backpack inventory, crafting and a configuration tab.


Fixed. Server Crash and some small client errors.
Removed unused assets.


Fixed. Log Seat sitting crash.
Fixed. Sleeping Bag render error.
Fixed. Tent placing problems.
Fixed. Campfire drops not correctly.
Fixed. Hemp not consuming.
Now using the newly created RikMuld's Core! It is included in the download until I release more mods.


Fixed. Log Seat naming problem.
Fixed. Hemp plant error.
Breaking tent wth sword error.


Fixed. The camping inventory desync problem.
Fixed. The keep inventory gamerule does not work work with the camping inventory.
A config option for only using the core functions of the mod.


Fixed. Some fixes.
Minecraft 1.7.10 support.
Rewrote the code for updating to 1.7.10, so excpect a lot of minor changes.
Removed Stews.
Removed the Camping Guide.
Removed Deers and Hares, added foxes.

Minecraft 1.6.4


Fixed. file version not being updated.
Fixed. Camping inv guide button not presable in creative.
Added some more Guide pages.
Camper behaviour: the camper will stay in a 8*8 radius arround a campfire, when you destroy the campfire it will serach for a new one.


Fixed. Possible tent crash when it generates.
Fixed. Keycode not changeable.
Fixed. Mobs not dropping stuff.
Fixed. Camping inv no drops items on dead on servers.
A stew cooking system for the pan campfire.
3 new stews.
Camping inv now also accessible in creative mode.


Fixed. Campfire crash with high coords.
Fixed. Server side crash
Fixed. Campfire buring food to ash when you are in the gui while the food is being cooked.
Tweeked campfire stats a bit.


Fixed. Tent issues on server side.
Fixed. Log seat issues on server side.
Fixed. Mob spawn in mod biomes.
Fixed. Camper NBT issue.
Fixed. Map crach.
Fixed. Pan texture is a missing texture.
A key binding for opening the camping inventoy.
Config option for disabling auto opening the camping inventory.
Stat id's to the config.


The Camping Mod 2.0! Complete rewrite! Everything changed, everything new, everything better!


Fixed. Version check bug.


1.6.4 compatable

Minecraft 1.6.2


Fixed. Particles are all purple
Config option for disabling the 3D rendering of tents
Colorable Tents!
Tent items render as 3D objects instead of a flat texture


Fixed. When you die you are unable the respawn en your save is unplayable


Fixed. It impossible to sleep in tents


Fixed. Version check keeps checking
Fixed. Dupe Bug
Updated to minecraft 1.6.2

Minecraft 1.5.2


Fixed. Campsite spawn rareness is to high.
Fixed. Items are diapering in the crafting slots from the camping inventory.
Fixed. Items will drop when you pick them up out of the 2 outer slot rows of the storage tent.
A camping armor set.
A config option for disabling that you will spawn with the guide books.
A config option for disabling the player rendering form this mod.
Campers spawn a bit more often.
The Camping Guides are now in one book.
Campers now spawn in mod biomes that are equivalent to forests/plains.


Fixed. The camper texture is not saving.
Fixed. A dupe bug.
Fixed. The camping inventory does not exist when you just logged in.
A camping bag model for when its on your back.
A config option for disabling the version check.
A config option, for saparated storage/sleeping tents.


Fixed. Backpacks lose their inventory when you upgrade them.
The Camping Inventory
Updated to minecraft 1.5.2.
Balanced the radish, now always dropping only one.
You will get a camping guide when you start a new world.

Minecraft 1.5.1


Fixed. Some minor fixes.
Camper's tool V2.
Added a tent guide book.
The storage space of the storage tent(27 -> 55 slots).
Rebalanced some recipes.
Radish takes a bit longer to but drops more.


Fixed. There is no block break particle.
Fixed. Achievements are not acquirable.
Fixed. Camper's tool recipes are not working.
Fixed. Version check can cause crash.
Fixed. The campfire coloring system colores every campfire.
7 new achievements.
Guide Books.
Camper mod will now buy and sell items.
Updated to Minecraft 1.5.1.
New file extantion, it's a .jar now.
Version check will appear only when outdated.
Bonemeal will now only grow 2 to 5 grow stages.
The recipes of some campfires.

Minecraft 1.4.7


Fixed. Tents break half bed blocks.
Fixed. Backpacks are disappearing.
Fixed. Backpacks duplicate.
Fixed. Campfires can cook uncookable items.
A version checker.
Now using bonemael events for the radish.
Campfires are now ISided.


Initial release!